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Dr. Arne Rubinstein is the bestselling author of 'The Making of Men: Raising Boys to be happy healthy and successful' and a globally recognised expert in Rites of Passage. His work is now in over 25 different countries with more than 200,000 people who have attended the programs and seminars he has helped to create.

Men, Crisis Leadership and Global Rites of Passage

Join Dr Arne Rubinstein from Australia as he shares how men are being called upon more than ever in these times of crisis and uncertainty. He will explain how we are in the midst of a global Rite of Passage and how we move through it will determine the next stage of our lives and the lives of those around it.

Using the model of boy to man to elder Dr Arne will demonstrate that we are all in a process of transformation with closely entwined challenges and opportunities.


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