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Hajo Schumacher

Interview and Talk
Saturday, 11:45 am (CET): Matthias & Tristan Horx
Sunday, 11:30 am (CET): John Aigner

Hajo Schumacher is an award-winning reporter, journalist, political scientist, psychologist, author, TV host and family man.

For ten years Schumacher worked for Germany's leading news magazine Spiegel  then he was editor-in-chief of the lifestyle magazine Max  before becoming the well-known author of numerous books.

He is the author of Männerspagat  and the running enthusiast also conquered the bestseller lists under his pseudonym "Achim Achilles".

Hajo Schumacher lives in Berlin with his wife and two sons.

With his vast amount of experience as a host and podcaster he generously donates his time at MANN SEIN 2021 interviewing our German-speaking guests.



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