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rené lettnin


The Haka and Me

René Lettnin was already part of the audience of the very first men’s conference in 2014. Since 2016 he has been part of the core team of MALEvolution and an enthusiastic co-creator of MANN SEIN ever since.

Haka Presentation
The Haka and Me

“A great search for inner freedom led me to a self-organized camp for men a number of years ago. At this camp, men give each other the gift of wonderful workshops. In one of the workshops, deep inside myself I felt a freedom that I had never experienced before and yet felt familiar all the same.

I was given the gift of the haka, the warrior dance of the Maori people, the native inhabitants of New Zealand. It can also be seen performed by New Zealand’s national rugby team, the All Blacks, before their matches.

Since that first encounter, this dance has been an intense companion in my everyday life and on journeys to the furthest corners of the Earth. I very enthusiastically pass on this gift at events, conferences and festivals, as well as at this year’s MANN SEIN.

This initiatory experience has been magically deepening ever since. The warrior energy carries me into the here and now in no time at all. It has the powerful potential of channeling my presence and focus.

It is my wish to pass on this dance in peace, thankfulness, respect and humility, and to enable more people to access this energy.

May the power of the warrior be led out of the collective shadow and into the light.“


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