Paul L. Robson

Paul LLoyd Robson


Paul is the founder and leader of the Maniphesto men's organization. He is 41 years old, married with three sons and lives on a small farm in the Danish countryside. He runs Maniphesto Core, a platform for online men’s mastermind groups.

Through videos, articles, his podcast and blog he engages other thought leaders in discussions in order to bring together the men and the ideas which will enable us to create a new story about men.

Kampkraft in Sexuality and Relationships

How does a man navigate between wild hedonism and strict prohibition to find meaningful direction, joyful restraint and personal thriving in sexuality, relationships and life?

Paul Robson tells the story of his journey through the last 7 years of professional men's work, two marriages, three sons, exploration of the underworlds of tantra and BDSM to his conversion to marriage, Orthodox Christianity and joining the Danish military. Though sharing the most powerful insights from 8 years of men's work leadership, Paul will share how he came to understand that his sexuality and the desire for intimacy in relationships could become a powerful source for Kampkraft as fighting power, to live a life of masculine direction and meaningful purpose.


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