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Matthias Hahn is an absolute nerd in integral consciousness practice and personality development. As part of the MALEvolution, he has a real concern to give today's men support in their next development step towards a more conscious, loving and, above all, authentic manhood.

​The Path to Being a Powerful and Authentic Man

The men's movement is still a small embryo. Already visible under the microscope, but not really there yet. We are already taking a step in the right direction with MANN SEIN, but to be honest, most men are still pretty stuck in their social roles: "Real men are / should / must ..."

Do you have the feeling that your image of masculinity supports you and carries you in a powerful identity or are you sometimes quite insecure and overwhelmed by the contradicting expectations of yourself - of modern society, your partner, your buddies and yourself?

In the workshop I would like to take you on a journey into male evolutionary history and deep psychology. Together we are researching how manhood has developed over the past millennia and decades. In an honest and secure room I would like letting you being moved with the question of what separates us from a powerful and natural manhood and how you can find YOUR manhood, far from simple platitudes.


Einen Moment bitte ...