Martin Zimmer



Martin Zimmer works in End-of-Life-Care and as life coach in Berlin. He accompanies—trained in End-of-Life-Care—especially men in and through existential crises, such as grief and loss and also dying itself.

His mission and the drive behind it is to get death out of the “dirty corner”, on direct it with a “cone of light”. Also on everything that comes with dealing with death, be it the loss of things, relationships, life dreams and/or health.

To point the cone of light at that, which also applies to us men—above all ours social and cultural conditioning—hidden, compensated, put somewhere in the corner. And to give this (again) a place.

His experience and deep personal knowledge is, when we dare to face these things and especially to the fact that nothing in life is really certain and learn to accept this, then we can really live free and alive. (German)


Einen Moment bitte ...