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JJ Bola

Interview and audience Q&A

Saturday, 4:30 pm (CET)

JJ Bola, born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo is a writer based in London. In addition to three volumes of poetry, he published a novel and the non-fiction book Mask off: Masculinity Redefined.

During his work as a social worker, Bola noticed that male adolescents have great difficulty meeting the traditional expectations of strong, tough masculinity and suppressing their emotions. Sport is often the only socially acceptable reason for men to cry. The result is often drug or alcohol abuse or violence.

Expressions of masculinity can be destructive and toxic, either through violence against women and femicides, but it is also reflected in the increased suicide rate among men.

In his book, which he means as “a call to dissolve the social construct of masculinity”, Bola pleads for more openness to one's own emotions and that men should also read feminist literature or write a diary.

Mask off: Masculinity Redefined
JJ Bola interviewed by Andrew G. Marshall



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