Matthias &Tristan Horx 

Interview and audience Q&A
Saturday, 11:45 am (CET)

Matthias Horx has been Germany's leading futurologist and trend researcher for decades. His articles and lectures are provocative, humorous, encouraging and they always deal with the bigger picture: technology, humanism, optimism for the future, (neo-) digitization and (neo-) ecology. His work is always about how we think and feel about the future – and how constructive visions can change society and the economy.

Tristan Horx is the son of Matthias Horx and grew up in the Horx futurologist family. He conducts future research from the perspective of young people, combining social and cultural anthropology with his experience in an increasingly complex world. Digitization, lifestyle, globalization and generational change are just as much a topic in his lectures and his podcast Treffpunkt: Zukunft (Meeting Point: Future) as is his greatest passion: the future of politics and the media.

Father. Son. Future.
Matthias and Tristan Horx on the future of men
An interview by Hajo Schumacher


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