horst wenzel

- Talk​  

Saturday, June 6

​11:45 am

As a flirt coach and personality trainer, Horst Wenzel has already helped hundreds of men and women to beautify their lives with a perfect partnership. 
Horst is known from numerous media appearances, because nobody else brings the game between the genders to the point like he does. The Flirt University CEO is a man of action. ​It doesn't take long for him to get to know someone in the practical part of the seminars, you will have a lot of fun.

​Finding the Right Male Friends in Your Life

Horst Wenzel is Germany’s most famous flirting coach and exemplifies what a successful man’s life looks like.

At the MANN SEIN Conference, he will tell you how important male friendships are for forging a successful path as a man – not just for your love life, but as the foundation for all areas of life.

He will join you in taking a critical look at our social environment and explains the mechanisms behind strong friendships in his interactive presentation.


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