Francisco Fortuno Garcia


Francisco Fortuño García is considered the foremost representative of men's work in the spanish-speaking world and the author of Men's Circles with a prologue by Arne Rubinstein. He is a digital nomad, entrepreneur and teacher who has successfully impacted the lives of thousands of men worldwide.

 After quitting his job at a large internet company in 2014 he found his true calling by embarking on a personal path of self-development and began studying coaching and communication. Travelling in Asia and America he trained in yoga and discovered tantra, prompting him to explore conscious sexuality. After discovering the purpose of men's work he has been dedicating a significant amount of his energy to creating spaces of transformation for men since 2015.

Hombres Evolucionantes is the largest community for men in the spanish-speaking world, with over 200 certified circle facilitators and more than thirty thousand individuals who have improved their sexuality through free and paid online courses. More and more men are becoming great leaders through their unique programs and life retreats.

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