Porträtfoto von Gerald Hüther

Dr. Gerald Hüther


Dr. Gerald Hüther is a neurobiologist, author, scientist and is one of Germany’s most prominent brain researchers. He deals with neurobiological prevention research as part of various initiatives and projects. He’s written numerous self-help books, holds lectures, organizes conventions, works as an advisor to politicians and businesspeople, and is a frequent interview partner on radio on television. He both shares knowledge and implements it.

His outreach work is focused on disseminating and implementation of insights from modern brain research. He views himself as a bridge-builder between scientific findings and social/individual life practices. The aim of his activities is to create more favorable conditions for developing human potential.

Men’s and boys’ issues are a matter of the heart to Gerald Hüther. He is the author of the book Men: The Weak Sex and His Brain, he has been a selfless supporter and collaborator of MALEvolution for years and is the co-initiator of Forum Neue Männlichkeit (New Masculinity Forum).