Anton wieser

anton wieser


Sunday, June 7

​3:15 pm

Anton Wieser is one of the most sought-after experts for father–son relationships in the German-speaking world. With his company, Männers – Urlaub für Vater & Sohn, he and his team support fathers and sons in their ongoing efforts to strengthen their relationship over the long term.

Anton offers a unique combination of exciting adventures in nature with professional supervision by educators, psychologists and coaches. The sophisticated and goal-oriented programs are designed to be fun for both fathers and sons.

They help strengthen the relationship in a sustained manner and put it on stable footing. Anton is a coach for children and youth, a certified mental coach, boys coach and adventure guide. In Kitzbühel/Tyrol, he also has a practice for children and youth coaching as well as boys coaching.

Your Son Is Better Than You Think!
Why boys need male role models and parents must learn to read their sons.

Anton Wieser is certain: “Boys do what they do, but not to harm others, particularly not their parents, but so that they themselves feel better in one way or another.”

If this statement is true, then the whole topic around “bad boys” should be turned on its head. It removes the blame from the boys and takes the pressure out of the relationship between boys and their environment. It changes the status of boys from problem causer to problem avoider for themselves.

To know why boys do what they do, it’s necessary to understand them. How do they think, how are they doing in a quickly changing world, what are the challenges they face.

Boys need male role models, ideally the father. There can be friction between them, the boy is guided by the father and imitates him as much as possible. And the father – the male role model, the role model for the boy – should know how the boy thinks and how he is wired so he as role model can be the best guide he can be along the path towards the boy becoming a responsible man.

How do boys think today, what excites them, what’s important to them? What do boys need so that they are as happy as possible? What role does the father play in the son’s development to become a responsible, modern thinking man? That’s what this presentation is about.


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