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Ansgar Schmitz is a father of five children, a sports teacher, an adventure educator and has been active in boys' and men's work for 9 years. After a serious crisis, he went through the heart warrior training, and not long afterwards broke more chains with John Aigner and, eight years ago, founded the Moormen and the Nordkreis, two regular dynamic men's groups. Nature education boys camps, as well as the boys' experiences at school, made it clear to him: There is a strong longing, even a damn hunger, for present, authentic men on the part of the boys! He was always interested in people and their development and inevitably he was drawn again and again to the autodidactic study of psychological and social connections and dynamics, especially trauma research.


Risks and side effects of not being a woman as a father... Constantly tested and secretly revered: The “inner compass” (Hüther) of real men!
- “Dad, where are you?” - Yes, where am I?! My father was either absent or present but absent. Today we see this in our children. If we allow it. What purpose do I have as a father if the smartphone takes over socialization? “Fathering” (Leimbach) is a verb - man has to do it.
- The lake is black, cold and deep. At the bottom there is a treasure that you live to recover. And then the naked fear... The present self: the supreme discipline among fathering skills! The dynamic men's group as a sparring community.
- “Get the hell out of me and stop kidding me!” **Authenticity, genuineness, sincerity, honesty… All beautiful words. But: Recipes and good intentions are for the trash when the trigger hits you!


Einen Moment bitte ...