Andreas ullrich

- Talk and Exercises

​Andreas Ullrich does his thing!

He is a personal trainer, author of the book "Power Papa-Fitness für Väter" ("Power Dad-Fitness for Fathers") and a collaborator of soccer world champion Thomas Müller at YOUMECO.
He already built up his business during his sports science studies and loves to bring out his clients' full potential.

For him, training and optimizing your diet is much more than just getting a healthy body. It is important to him to help you fully embody your life. Aligning with his credo "I move you" he chooses individual training systems for his clients applying holistic thinking that includes all areas of life and an authentic pursuit of goals.

Self-Care for Men
Holistic Training and Nourishing Yourself

"I invite you to become familiar with a functional training approach that will help you better cope with your everyday life, will give you better posture, will help you nourish your body by eating right – and thereby be well prepared for your life as a man.

Strength training and healthy eating are my game-changers, bringing me towards a healthier version of myself. And by that I mean first and foremost: being good to myself.

I know bodybuilders who feel empty inside and have huge psychological complexes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve experienced men for whom a customized physical training program and a healthy diet have triggered a cascade of positive personal development processes.

I’d like to inspire you to do more for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you weight train, do yoga or switch to a vegan diet (as examples) – in the end, what counts is that it feels good and feels right for you personally.

I’m looking forward to giving my presentation at the online MANN SEIN 2020, and will warm you up on both days with some exercises to move and energize you for a good start to your conference days."


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