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Alexander Bard

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​Alexander Bard is a philosopher based in Stockholm, Sweden and has co-written five books with Jan Söderqvist.
​Their latest book "Digital Libido - Sex, Power and Violence in The Network Society" was released in October 2018.

​The Boy, The Man and The God
Finding and developing the male archetypes through tribal mapping

A speech about the three founding male archetypes: the boy, the man, and the god, and their respective relationships to one another.
“Fatherhood" relates to both the boy-man and the man-god relationships.

“Fathers" was always a term used in pluralis in the tribal settings and we would be wise to return to this understanding today.
Away from all the misery that "the lonely father" as a by-product of the idea of "the romantic love marriage" has caused us. And how weak as men it has made us.

​Manhood is about collaboration and not about competition. Men seek teams. And the most important team of all is what Alexander​ Bard calls "the team of fathers and mentors".


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