the men's event

Muscles, Heart and Brain: Community, Leadership and Development for you as a Man

Experience on the weekend of the 17th & 18th of June community among men in a powerful atmosphere at Lake Tegel - far away from everyday stress and time-pressure.

The line up for the tenth MANN SEIN is international and broad.  Renowned experts and thinkers of the men's movement, including Dr. Robert Glover, Andrew G. Marshall, Alexander Bard, Sven Philipp und John Aigner share the stage with fitness experts like "Mr Kettlebell" Sebastian Müller, the certified Wim Hoff trainer Daniel Ruppert as well as Dietmar Betz M.D.

MANN SEIN 2023 connects
Mind & Body, Sexuality & Relationship, Health & Fitness, Growth & Development

Activate your male energy by bathing in 300 kilograms of ice or measure your strength with other men whilst wrestling, boxing or weight training at the men's fitness area.

Experience the power of the Haka with René Lettnin.  Feel your body at the consent workshop with Mattias Schwenteck and learn to use your sexual energy for creativity and fulfilled relationships with Francisco Fortuna Garcia.
Highlights of the tenth MANN SEIN are the live discussion on the topic of marriage, moderated by the renowned journalist Hajo Schumacher and the format "Meet the Leaders". Here you have the chance to put your questions to 20 leaders of men's-work.

After two days of intensive MANN SEIN (in english: "to be a man") you may have found your answer to the question:"What does it mean for me to be a man today?"


Saturday, June 17th: 08:30—24:00
Sunday, June 18th: 10:00—18:15


— Subject to change —

Saturday, June 17th

08:30 Check-in + Fitness Area  
09:30 John Aigner
10:00 Francisco Fortuño García
10:15 Matthias Schwenteck
10:30 Sebastian Müller
10:45 Short Break

11:00 Andrew G. Marshall
11:45 Short Break  
­12:00 Paul Lloyd Robson
12:30 Daniel Ruppert
12:45 Announcements
13:00 Lunch Break + Fitness Area
14:30 Haka with René Lettnin

15:15 Short Break  
15:30 Workshop, Networking Café + Fitness Area
17:00 Marco Haarhoff
17:15 John Aigner
17:45 Short Break
18:00 Live Discussion
19:00 Closing Words
19:15 Workshops, Ice Bath, Networking Café, Fitness Area
21:15 End of Official Program
21:15 DJ at the Palais
24:00 Doors Close

Sunday, June 18th

10:00 Check-in + Fitness Area    
11:00 Greeting
11:30 Sven Philipp
12:15 Short Break
12:30 Meet the Leaders
13:30 Lunch Break + Fitness Area
15:00 Dr. Dietmar Betz
15:45 Short Break
16:00 Dr. Robert Glover
16:45 Closing Words
17:15 Networking Café + Fitness Area
18:15 Doors Close


Sebastian Müller: Men's Playground

Intellectual input is helpful but to feel your body is essential. 
To keep you fit and moving during the event there is the "Men's Playground"; 
a place to play, test your strength, wrestle, box, work out and get advice from the conference fitness expert, "Mr. Kettlebell" himself, Sebastian Müller.
Open during Networking Café, workshops and breaks.
 Closed during stage presenstations!

Live Discussion

Why get married?

A discussion panel of men on the sense of marriage in today's day and age.

With Robert Glover, Alexander Bard, Paul Lloyd Robson and Owen Cox
Moderated by Hajo Schumacher

Saturday, 18:00
In english


For full descriptions click on the speaker portraits here


René Lettnin

The Haka
Saturday, 14:30

Andrew G. Marshall:
The Mother Wound
Saturday, 15:30
In English

Francisco Fortuna Garcia:

Advanced Sexual Techniques to Channel Your Sexual Energy for Your Projects

Saturday, 15:30

In English

Daniel Ruppert:

Ice Bath

Saturday, 19:15

Matthias Schwenteck:

Consent is sexy

Saturday, 19:15

For full descriptions click on the speaker portraits here

Francisco Fortuna Garcia:
How Channeling Your Sexual Energy Can Help You Manifest Your Life Purpose
Saturday, 10:00 Uhr
In English

Matthias Schwenteck:
Consent is sexy

Saturday, 10:15 Uhr
In English

Andrew G. Marshall:
7 Things Men Are Afraid of in Relationships -

and What You Can Do About Them
Saturday, 11:00 Uhr
In English

Paul Lloyd Robson:
Kampfkraft in Sexuality and Relationships
Saturday, 12:00 Uhr
In English

Marco Haarhoff:
What I Did not Learn from Having Sex with More than 400 Women
Saturday, 17:00 Uhr

John Aigner:
Love for Adults

Saturday, 17:15 Uhr

Sven Philipp:
Key Factor Manhood

Sunday, 11:30 Uhr

Dr. med. Dietmar Betz:
Men's Health in the 21. Century - 

an Integrative Job
Sunday, 15:00 Uhr

Dr. Robert Glover:
How to Drive a Sexual Ferrari

Sunday, 16:00 Uhr
In English

Meet the Leaders

Your interaction with the men's leadership
Taking place in parallel to the MANN SEIN 2023 is the
 2. European Men's Leadership Summit 

20 Leaders and opinion leaders of men's work have travelled from 11 countries and 3 continents . At "Meet the Leaders" they will be on the stage to interact with you. Grab the microphone and be heard.
Sunday, 12:30
In English